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Jumbo size glass is very common around us, such as storefront glass and facades in shopping centers or shopping centers. Jumbo glass allows architects to design stunningly aesthetic buildings. Jumbo glass size redefines architectural design concepts, breaking the boundaries of indoor and outdoor connections, bringing interiors with more natural light, and giving first impressions with their stunning appearance, suitable for residential and commercial application.

What is jumbo size glass?

Standard glass size is 96″ x 130″, full-size glass is 100″ x 144″. Jumbo glass normally has a width of 130″ and height of 204”, which requires giant and advanced production equipment. The maximum length that Shenzhen Dragon Glass can manufacture is 12000mm, the maximum width of 3300mm. Oversized glass is larger, heavier, and thicker than standard glass and must be handled with care during transportation, storage, and installation. That makes jumbo glass price much higher than common size glass.

jumbo size glass
Oversized glass in our warehouse


  • Modern: Glass has become an ideal material for buildings because of its numerous benefits and breathtaking aesthetics. So all-glass facades and curtain walls are increasingly shaping modern city skylines.
  • Safety: Jumbo-size glass shopfronts are normally with heat treatment, fully tempered, heat soak tested, or laminated, those processes make the oversized glass with very high impact resistance lower breakage rate, and increase safety significantly.
  • More natural lighting: Jumbo size IGU windows allow more natural sunlight into your rooms, meanwhile, block solar heat and UV rays, also reduce surrounding noise at the same time.

Production line

jumbo size glass
jumbo size glass
jumbo size glass


Product name: ultra clear jumbo glass, extra clear jumbo size glass
Type of glass: monolithic glass, insulated glass, laminated glass, ceramic frit glass, coated glass
Heat Treatment: heat strengthened (HS), fully tempered (FT), and heat soaked test (HST)
Interlayers: 1.52mm, 2.28mm, 3.04mm PVB interlayer, 1.52mm, 2.28mm SGP interlayer
Edgework: flat polish, flat ground, seamed
Glass thickness: 12mm, 15mm, 19mm, 6+6mm, 8+8mm, 10+10mm
Maximum size: 3300*12000mm
Shape: flat glass, curved glass
Certificates: CE/ASTM/ISO9001
Packing: strong exporting wooden cases, flexible steel stillage
Production time: 20-30days


jumbo size glass
jumbo size glass
jumbo size glass
jumbo size glass


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Shenzhen Dragon Glass is a jumbo glass factory in China, manufacturing different types of specifications oversized glass for glass facades, glass curtain walls, glass storefronts, and oversize double glazed units to meet your various requirements. Contact us today for the best offer!

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