24mm Double Glazed Low-E Glass Gray Ceramic Frit Insulated Spandrel Glass for Curtain Wall

When it comes to glass windows, the type of glass will be your primary consideration. One of the most popular types of insulated glazing is double glazed low e glass. About 70% of the energy loss occurs in glass doors and windows and doors. Low-e glass or low-e insulated glass is designed to minimize the amount of infrared and ultraviolet coming through your windows, without losing the amount of light into your house.

insulated spandrel panels
insulated spandrel panels between two floors of a building

How Low-E glass works

Low-E glass is glass with a transparent and extremely thin metallic coating that increases the thermal efficiency of windows. IGU window with metallic coating keeps your home warmer in winter by reflecting a higher proportion of the heat back into your home and can keep your house cooler in summer by reflecting solar thermal energy from outside.

The benefits of low-e insulated glass

1. Energy-saving: low e insulated glass is a type of energy-saving glass, by reflecting the heat from inside and outside to maintain the temperature, to lower the electricity bills in summer and winter.

2. Avoid fading: the metallic coating on the low e insulated glass can block 99% of UV light, keeping your furniture, curtains, and carpets from discoloring.

3. Soundproofing: insulated glass units have good sound insulation performance, to create a quiet working or living environment.

4. Safe: Most of the IGU window is using tempered glass which is called safety glass, with very high resistance impact.


Product name: Double Glazed Low E Glass, Insulated Spandrel Glass
Type of glass: heat strengthened glass, laminated glass, ceramic frit glass
Type of Low-E coating: single silver low e coating, double silver low e coating, triple low e coating
Aluminum spacer: 6A, 9A, 12A, customized
Glass color: clear glass, gray glass, blue glass, bronze glass, etc.
Glass thickness: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Filling gas: argon, dry air
Applications: facade, curtain wall, window, door, skylight, etc.
Maximum size: 3300*10000mm
Shape: flat glass, curved glass
Certificates: CE/ASTM/ISO9001
Packing: exporting strong wooden cases

Product details

Double Glazed Low E Glass Insulated Spandrel Glass................... 1
double glazed low e glass
Double Glazed Low E Glass Insulated Spandrel Glass.......... 1
insulated spandrel glass
Double Glazed Low E Glass Insulated Spandrel Glass............. 1
insulated spandrel glass


double glazed low e glass
low e insulated glass curtain wall
double glazed low e glass
low e insulated glass curtain wall
double glazed low e glass
insulated glazing for curtain wall
spandrel panels curtain wall
spandrel panels curtain wall

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