CE certified 8+1.52PVB+8mm 17.52mm ultra clear curved laminated glass for railing suppliers

Curved laminated glass provides architects and designers with more design options. It is modern and attractive. Curved glass stands out from normal flat glass surfaces. And as a type of safety glass, it is widely used for glass railings, hurricane resistant glass, glass fencing, balcony glass railing, etc.

1. What is ultra clear glass?

Ultra clear glass is also called low iron glass which is a type of glass with a lower iron oxide content. It looks less green comparing clear glass, even when multiple glass panes are layered together.

ultra clear curved laminated glass
clear glass & ultra clear glass comparison

2. How to produce bent laminated glass

Tempered curved safety glass is produced in a tempering furnace. The glass sheet is heated to above 600°C, softening temperature, and next it is pressed into a curved shape by special rollers in a tempering furnace, and then rapidly cooled. Finally, we can get tempered curved glass.

curved laminated glass
Curved tempered glass

In order to achieve better safety performance, tempered glass will be made into bent laminated glass to increase the impact resistance and avoid avoiding the danger of injury caused by flying shards when tempered glass is broken.

3. Features of ultra clear curved laminated glass railing

  • High transmittance: Ultra clear glass light transmittance is more than 91%, it looks crystal clear comparing normal clear glass.
  • Safety: Bent laminated glass has very high impact resistance, and even if it is broken, the glass fragments will stick to the PVB interlayer, so you are less likely to be injured.
  • Easy to clean: Not easy to get dirty and easy to clean with just water.
  • Low maintenance costs: Because of its high strength and durability, no need to pay a lot of money for maintenance.
  • Lower spontaneous breakage rate: Spontaneous breakage of tempered glass is 0.3%, ultra clear glass has a much lower spontaneous breakage rate which helps to reduce low maintenance costs as well.
  • Increasing the sense of space: curved glass for railing makes your house look brighter and more spacious, and it is modern and fashionable comparing flat glass for railing

4. Product details

curved laminated glass
curved laminated glass
curved laminated glass
curved laminated glass
curved laminated glass
8+1.52PVB+8mm 17.52mm ultra clear bent laminated glass

5. Production equipment

curved laminated glass
Curved safety glass made in a tempering furnace

6. Specifications

Product name: curved safety glass for railing
Type of glass: tempered glass, pvb laminated glass, curved safety glass
Glass color: clear, extra clear, blue, bronze, grey, tinted glass
Glass thickness: 6+6mm, 8+8mm, 10+10mm, 12+12mm
Shapes: curved glass, flat glass
Certificates: CE/ASTM/ISO9001
Packing: exporting strong wooden cases
Production time: around 10-20 days

7. Applications

curved laminated glass
bent laminated glass for balcony glass railing
curved laminated glass
bent safety glass for glass railing
curved laminated glass
bent safety glass for frameless glass pool fence

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