China reliable 10mm toughened glass office partitions suppliers, good glass office partitions price.

10mm toughened glass office partitions

China reliable 10mm toughened glass office partitions suppliers, good glass office partitions price.

10mm toughened glass office partitions
Production name10mm toughened glass office partitions price
Glass colorclear, low iron, blue, green, grey, bronze, etc
Glass thickness10mm, other thickness such as 8mm or 12mm is optional.
Glass sizesmax 3000*6000mm, adjustable.
Glass typesfrosted, acid etched, sandblasting, ceramic frit,
digital printing, carved, fluted, etc
Further processlaminated glass, insulated glass, etc
Unique featuresSafe & strong. human harmless. good decoration.
Advantagessplendid sense of space, economic for office partitions.
Delivery7~10 days
PackingStrong plywood crates

What is 10mm toughened glass office partitions?

10mm toughened glass office partitions are using 10mm toughened glass as glass office partitions. It is produced by heating 10mm clear or tinted edgeworked glass to around 700 degrees in the tempering oven and then cool down rapidly by a strong wind jet. This process is also called glass quenching, it will form compression stress on the 10mm glass surface whereas the interior is still in tension. After 10mm glass is toughened, it will be 5 times stronger than normal 10mm annealed glass.


  • 1, Super high strength, can endure strong impact;
  • 2, Super safe, completely human harmless, even broken, it will shatter into small pieces of obtuse angles;
  • 3, High clearance, can have a good sense of space and elegant interior designs;
  • 4, Privacy functions optional;
  • 5, Soundproofing to make you have a quiet environment for working.


  • 1, Multiple tinted glass colors available, such as low iron, green, blue, grey, bronze, etc;
  • 2, Variety of glass types: 10mm clear toughened glass, 10mm curved toughened glass, 10mm digital printed glass, 10mm ceramic frit printed glass, 10mm frosted toughened glass, etc;
  • 3, Shape: flat or curved, according to customer’s requirement;
  • 4, Frame: aluminum U channel or stainless steel 304 or 316;
  • 5, Max size: according to client’s request. We can help optimize the size to cut down the cost as well;
  • 6, Lead time: 7~10 days after order confirmed;
  • 7, MOQ: 50SQM.

Quality standard:

  • Subject to ISO9001 standard;
  • Subject to BS EN12600:2002;
  • Subject to ASTM1048;
  • Subject to AS NZS 2208 1996;


Multiple designs of 10mm toughened glass office partitions:

10mm toughened glass office partitions supplier
Different designs for toughened glass office parititions price.

Production details:

10mm toughened glass production process details
10mm toughened glass production process details


10mm toughened glass supplier
Shenzhen Dragon Glass machines for glass toughening.

Quality control:

glass process testing
Quality control for glass toughening, carefully inspection every details

Packing and delivery:

Strong plywood crates packing
Strong plywood crates packing to ensure shipment safety.

What is 10mm toughened glass office partitions price?

Generally speaking 10mm clear toughened glass office partitions EXW price will be 12.5USD/sqm~15.8 USD/sqm.

Several factors will influence the actual glass office partitions price:

  1. Glass sizes, as it will influence the cutting rate and the tempering loading rate.
  2. Quantity, larger quantity, sharing all the other production costs, the price will be lower.
  3. Quality standards, higher quality requirements, will result in a higher cost.
  4. Holes or cutouts, special glass deep processing will need extra cost.
  5. Surface treatment such as sandblasting, acid-etching, ceramic frit printing, etc.
  6. Need aluminum frame or stainless steel frame, etc.

We Shenzhen Dragon Glass as one of the best glass office partitions suppliers can provide you the most competitive glass office partitions price. Welcome to contact us for a free quotation now!


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